Winter Sowing


Hi, everyone.

This is my first blog entry.

I really love gardening, as it is has given me the means to get exercise, sunshine, and therapy in my garden, and has saved me a lot of money not buying food that’s trucked in from 1,000+ miles away, or worse, from out of the country.  I grow everything entirely organically with heirloom seeds, because I like knowing what’s in my food.

In my first post, I decided to write about winter sowing, that is sowing seeds in containers outdoors during the winter, rather than using a greenhouse or other means.  I will actually plant my first winter sown seeds around November, I think.  I have tried several times to sprout my own seeds for herbs and tomatoes other ways and it always failed, but I think this will work.    I have gotten a lot of good information from some friends who have done it and succeeded, so I feel pretty confident.

Here’s to winter sowing and blogging!